Employers are obligated to ensure the health and safety of their employees. This obligation is enshrined in law in most countries. The use of chemical products is unavoidable in most enterprises, even if it is only a cleaning agent.

Before using chemical products, employees must be informed about the possible dangers and the appropriate precautionary and protective measures. In the event of an accident, instructions must be accessible.

Operating instruction

Many companies solve the requirements mentioned by means of operating instruction leaflets, and in many countries these are even required by law. The operating instruction contains all the relevant precautions and instructions for handling the chemical and can be displayed clearly visible at the workplace.

I+K has many years of experience in the field of employee protection and operating instructions. SAFIN allows the creation and printing of operating instructions in the layout and format defined by the customer. The Mobilview QR code appears on every SAFIN operating manual and label. This allows quick access to safety-relevant information, measures and safety data sheets.