SAFIN stands for “Safety Information” and has been our core product since 2006. The web application combines legal regulations and data relating to chemical safety in a comprehensive tool for hazardous substance management and compliance. Our goal is to offer our customers a one-stop-shop, a tool box with which all tasks related to handling chemicals can be completed. Be it the classification of mixtures, storage and transport classification, registrations in the chemical register or the printing of safety data sheets and labels.

Hazardous Substance API

The Hazardous Substances API exposes the core functions of SAFIN via a modern REST API. This allows SAFIN to be connected to customer systems such as SAP. Label printing, product management, GHS classification and much more can be done via the customer’s own user interfaces. For customers who want such an integration but do not have the necessary technical know-how, we are happy to make our own development skills available as a service.

Customized solutions

Problems of ​​chemical compliance, can be very complex and exceed the usual customer needs. This occurs primarily when a customer already has processes in place for handling hazardous materials. Streamlining and automating these processes and adding additional features is not an easy task and requires a tailor-made software solution. I+K can draw on many years of experience in software development. We not only help our customers with compliance issues relating to hazardous substances, but also with the design and development of new applications. We are happy to design custom-made software solutions for our customers.


TRADE.NET is the prime example of the success of our tailor-made software solutions. Since 2016 we have been running a web application on the servers of a major customer that simplifies the processing of trade compliance tasks. TRADE.NET serves both as a user interface where trade classification is carried out as well as a central database from which HS codes for thousands of chemical and biological products are distributed to various customer systems.