Creating Safety Data Sheets:
The SME meets many questions on the way from a blank sheet of paper to a perfect Safety Data Sheet (SDS):

How can I get legal information about the content of safety data sheets ? => legal compliance
How can I implement this information? SAFIN.NET offers a multitude of tools containing all those directives:
Integrated module (Expert) for classification of chemical preparations according to current legislation.
Thousands of standard phrases will help you to create your safety data sheet very fast in a very high quality according to the most up-to-date REACH- or GHS-legislation.
Support of ESDS (Extended Safety data sheet with exposure scenarios)
Complete ADR database for transport classification (Road/ Air/ Sea)
Comprehensive context driven databases for a lot of different countries (OEL values, LD50 values and more).
How can I translate my SDS ? SAFIN.NET contains thousands of translated standard phrases. Once you have completed your SDS in your language you are just one mouse-click away from the translated SDS.
You also have the possibility to add your own phrases and translations.
What is the format of the document? SAFIN.NET creates files in the Microsoft Word format.
You can convert them easily to PDF files.

As you might agree, creating an SDS is a complex task! We can support you with our knowledge and experience and with our software tools.

Distributing SDS:
The expert has completed the Safety Data Sheet and the translations. How do the documents get to the customer? SAFIN.NET offers two possibilities:

Documents in SAFIN.NET SAFIN.NET provides read-only access to your data. This allows authenticated users to retrieve your SDB, but your data remains unchanged.
Documents saved locally The user downloads all SDSs from SAFIN.NET and saves them on the local computer or network. The user can choose his own way to distribute SDSs to his customers.

The responsibility is clearly divided: the expert creates the Safety Data Sheets with his knowledge and experience with our software tools. Only he has direct write access to the data in SAFIN.NET.