Creating a legally compliant label requires a certain amount of specialist knowledge in the areas of legal principles, chemistry and IT. The relevant legal regulations are extensive and constantly changing. I+K AG has many years of experience in combining customer needs, chemical data and legal regulations into software products, which are constantly being adapted to changing regulations. When creating labels, our customers rely on SAFIN’s proven label module, which is used to put hundreds of new labels into circulation every year.

What needs to be on my label?

Don’t worry, SAFIN offers you tools that already contain the legal requirements: An integrated module (GHS-Expert) for the classification of dangerous preparations according to current law and a complete database for transport classifications for road, rail, air, inland waterway and ocean shipping. You can choose between different formats for the layout, depending on your needs. Our experts will be pleased to advise you. Once the label has been created, it can be generated just-in-time for any of your products in our web application at the touch of a button.

Which languages ​​does SAFIN support?

A maximum of 9 languages ​​are possible on a label in any combination, but this depends on the size of the label. In total, SAFIN supports 39 languages, a full list is available here. Creating hazardous substance labels is demanding work! SAFIN makes your work easy.

Printing labels

The expert grades the substance or the preparation and the data are recorded in SAFIN. But how does it become a label?

How are the data converted into a label? SAFIN creates a new EU label from the existing raw data using your layout and the selected languages.
What happens with the data in SAFIN? SAFIN provides read-only access to your data. This allows authenticated users to create labels, but your data remain unchanged.
What are the available languages? => available languages
How many languages fit on a label? Maximum 9 languages, depending on the dimensions of the label. The languages can be combined as desired.
Can I use my own logos and templates? Yes, any logos and templates can be used.

The responsibility is clearly divided: the expert assesses the substances / preparations with his knowledge, his experience and our software tools. He is the person with direct write access to the data in SAFIN, other users may use the data in read-only mode.